• aerial view of Alcatraz Island with San Francisco in the background
  • Image of Alcatraz Water Tower
  • Image of Cell block inside Alcatraz Island


Alcatraz – Few words provoke so many different thoughts and feelings. A very rough-cut stone set in the middle of San Francisco Bay, it has become The City’s most popular tourist attraction largely because of the contrasts it presents. Named by the original Spanish explorers after the pelicans that were then its only residents, Alcatraz Island has served as lighthouse, fort, military prison, Native American rallying point, and National Park. But it was as a federal prison that Alcatraz became, and remains, linked inextricably to the history of San Francisco, to an unforgettable period in American history, and, to all who have visited the island and looked back across the Bay to the mainland (and certainly from the prisoner’s point of view), to ideas of being so hypnotically close and yet so longingly, achingly far.

Since 1973, our store has been selling the widest selection of Alcatraz-related merchandise, from books and videos on the history of the island (and its time as “The Rock”), to garments either authentic or fun (or perhaps both) to memorabilia of every description. Welcome to our website, and don’t worry if you hear a cell door slam shut behind you.

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